Pirate Public Torrents is a torrent indexing site launched in 2015 and is operated by former staff members of facedatabg.
The day when the facedatabg, launched around 2013, was went offline in 2015 , the staff members of facedatabg was unhappy about that incident because of there hardwork the site got visitors. so the whole staff members where joined togethor and discussed about starting a new torrent indexing site.
Facedatabg was ratio based site but Pirate Public is not ratio based (like we don't have low ratio ban / disallowing users from uploading torrents who have low internet speed here , everyone can share torrents according to our certain uploader's rule)
Now facedatabg is redirected to Pirate Public Torrents.We enable torrent search engines and providing a user-friendly interface that will make the search of torrents easier and more organised. Pirate Public Torrents also runs a open tracker too.

The aim of Pirate Public Torrents is to provide a more faster way to search and share torrents and also we are trying to add new features to site as usual.

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